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Wedding Videography: Why You Should Consider Capturing Your Big Day on Film

Are you getting married soon and trying to plan the perfect wedding day? One aspect that many couples often overlook is having a wedding videographer.

While you may think that your photographer is enough to capture the memories, having a videographer can add an extra special touch to your day and provide a unique perspective that photos just can't match. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider having a wedding videographer at your wedding.

Relive the Emotions: One of the biggest benefits of having a wedding videographer is the ability to relive the emotions and special moments of your day. From the first dance to the speeches, a wedding video allows you to revisit those special moments in a way that still photos simply can't. You'll be able to hear the laughter, see the tears, and relive the joy of your special day, even years after it has passed.

Capture the Little Moments: While your photographer will capture many of the big moments of your day, your videographer can focus on capturing the little moments that often get overlooked. From the smiles and hugs shared between loved ones to the moments of quiet contemplation, a wedding videographer can help you remember all the special details that make your day unique.

Provide a Different Perspective: A wedding videographer can provide a unique perspective on your day that still photos just can't match. From stunning drone footage of your venue to panoramic shots of your guests, a videographer can capture the essence of your wedding in a way that photos just can't.

Tell a Story: One of the best things about having a wedding videographer is the ability to tell a story. Your videographer can help piece together the events of your day, from the preparation to the reception, to create a beautiful and seamless story that captures the essence of your wedding.

Share with Loved Ones: Finally, having a wedding videographer is a great way to share your day with loved ones who may not have been able to attend. Whether you share it online or send copies to friends and family, a wedding video allows you to share your special day with those who matter most to you.

In conclusion, hiring a wedding videographer is a great way to add an extra special touch to your wedding day and ensure that you have a unique and lasting record of your special day. So, if you're still considering whether or not to have a wedding videographer, take these reasons into account and make the choice that's right for you!


We are creators of classic, timeless wedding films - heirlooms which celebrate traditions old and new. Based in Carnforth on the outskirts of the Lake District, we are ideally situated to film weddings all across Lancashire, Cumbria, North Yorkshire - and will always cater for couples further afield.


Our films are more than a documenting of your wedding; we strive to use our storytelling and technical talents to craft a poignant film that evokes the emotions of such a special occasion.

We believe in all forms of marriage and we are fiercely passionate about filmmaking. Have us be part of your wedding story.

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